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Talking about LITRE

Talking about LITRE is a series of interviews (podcasts) with faculty and staff at NCSU who are active in various aspects of LITRE's mission. These interviews are available via links on this page as low-bandwidth mp3 files. To facilitate automatic download to your iPod or other mp3 player, subscribe to the RSS feed link found on this page using your preferred audio-enabled RSS feed reader.

Tony Brock - Assistant Professor of Graphic Design in the NCSU College of Design

In 2004 Tony received a LITRE Grant for a project entitled "The Digital Design Studio: Multi-modal Collaboration Through the Integration of Online Design Tools." In this podcast, Tony talks about his work and the ways in which it has impacted his teaching and his students. Listen to mp3. A PDF Transcript is available (provided by Jenny McCall).

Susan Katz - NCSU English Department

Susan decided she wanted to use the Internet to improve communications in her professional writing class. The way she did it is not what you might expect. In this interview Susan talks about her approach which uses the Internet for instruction and the classroom for writing. Listen to mp3

Scott Fitzpatrick - NCSU Department of Sociology and Anthropology

For the past few years, Scott has been working on a project involving Archaeology and Inquiry-Based Learning. He is developing computer-based modules for ANT 253 (Introduction to Prehistory). In this interview Scott talks about his work in this are and what he thinks has been accomplished. Listen to mp3

Laura Sremaniak - NCSU Chemistry Department

Numerical methods allow students to study structures which are far to complicated to analyze manually. Laura Sremaniak thinks it's time to bring numerical methods into the teaching of general chemistry. And she's doing it. Listen to mp3

Larry Norris - NCSU Math Department

Larry orchestrates use of Maple (symbolic computation software) in NCSU's engineering calculus sequence with an enrollment of about 3,000 students per semester. He uses several technology innovations aside from Maple itself to make Maple an effective tool for widespread use at NCSU. Listen to mp3

Ed Gehringer - NCSU Computer Science Department

Ed has led an effort to incorporate peer review into grading schemes, and he's developing a software tool to assist with this process. Listen to mp3

Betty Black - NCSU Zoology Department

Betty Black (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) discusses her use of PDAs in a large introductory class in biological sciences. Listen to mp3

Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver - NCSU Zoology Department

Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver of the NCSU Zoology Department uses similation techniques to take her students further into the mysteries of DNA finger-printing. Listen to mp3

Betty Black from CALS talks about a hybrid class

Betty Black talks about plans for a pilot project in CALS whereby a large enrollment introductory class taught in large lecture sections will be transitioned to small sections of a hybrid class. Listen to mp3

Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver - NCSU Zoology Department

Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver returns to talk about use of PDAs in a biological sciences senior level class. In this chat Marianne gives some very candid insights into what worked and what didn't. Listen to mp3