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LITRE Grants for 2005-2007

Principal Investigator Department or Division College Award Title
Scott Fitzpatrick Sociology & Anthropology CHASS $5,000 + staff time Integrating Archaeology and Inquiry-Based Learning: Developing Computer-Based Modules for ANT 253 (Introduction to Prehistory) (Proposal) (Final Report)
Steffen Heber Computer Science Engineering $6,300 + staff time Integrating Algorithm Visualization into CSC 505 (Proposal) (Progress Report)
Jennifer Neel Population Health and Pathobiology Veterinary Medicine $10,000 + staff time Virtual Microscopy: incorporation of innovative, cutting-edge technology in two veterinary science courses to facilitate interactive student learning (Proposal) (Progress Report) (Final Report)

Jonathan Kramer

Alison Arnold

Music Student Affairs $4,000 + staff time Implementation of media-rich online course in the Global Approach to Understanding Music (Proposal) (Final Report)

Kevin Oliver & Dianne Raubenheimer

Curriculum and Instruction Education $2,500 Collaborative Online Concept Mapping (Proposal) (Assessment Plan) (Progress Report 1) (Progress Report 2) (Final Report)
Jonathan Allen Food Science, Interdepartmental Nutrition Program Agriculture and Life Sciences $8,144 Nutritional analysis web site (Proposal) (Final Report)
Laura Sremaniak Chemistry Physical and Mathematical Sciences $7,500 Computational Chemistry Laboratory II (Proposal) (Progress Report) (Final Report)
Emmett Summer Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Engineering $5,600 Digital Recording of Large Scale Structural Testing for use in Undergraduate and Graduate Civil Engineering Classroom (Proposal) (Assessment Plan)
Helen Kraus and Anne Spafford Horticultural Science Agriculture & Life Science $6,900 Development Of An On-Line Store To Enhance Student Learning In Up To Four Horticulture Courses (Proposal) (Assessment Plan) (Progress Report)
John Williams Gallery of Art and Design Student Affairs $4,564 Immersive Imaging as a Way to Increase Academic Contact with the Collection of NC State's Gallery of Art & Design (Proposal) (Assessment Plan) (Progress Report)
George Rouskas & Carolyn Miller Computer Science Engineering $8,000 Learning with In-class Technology: The 15-Minute Learning Module Approach (Proposal) (Assessment Plan) (Progress Report) (Final Report)
Marina Bykova Philosophy and Religion Humanities and Social Sciences



Hypertext as a Learning Tool in History of Philosophy Courses (Proposal)
Larry Norris Mathematics Physical and Mathematical Sciences $5,200 Creation of Interactive Maple Practice Sessions and QuickTime Video Versions of Maple Lessons (Proposal) (Assessment Plan) (Progress Report)(Final Report)
Hal Meeks User Services and Systems Information Technology Division $10,000 (Proposal) (Progress Report)
Pam Arroway Statistics Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Online Computing for Introductory Statistics Courses (Proposal) (Assessment Plan)
Ed Gehringer Computer Science/Electrical & Computer Engineering Engineering


Online Assessment of Expertiza: A Methodology for Building Reusable Learning Objects Through Peer Review (Proposal) (Assessment Plan) (Progress Report) (Final Report)
Kristin Thoney Textile & Apparel, Technology & Management Textile


Integrating a Factory and Supply Chain Simulator into a Textile Supply Chain Management Curriculum (Proposal) (Assessment Plan) (Progress Report) (Final Report)
Kara Peters Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Engineering


Interactive Modules for Undergraduate Laboratory Preparation (Proposal) (Assessment Plan)(Final Report)
Murthy Guddati Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering Engineering


Development of a Virtual Testing Module for an Undergraduate Course on Materials Design. (Proposal) (Assessment Plan)


Malina Monaco, Jessica Huff

(Lisa Grable)


Education Dean's Office


Student Digital Learning portfolios: Authentic Learning, Accountability and Assessment. (Proposal) (Progress Report) (Final Report)
Faye Cobb Payton Business Management Management


Integrating Wireless laptops in an IT Capstone Classroom. (Proposal) ( Final Report)
Hanna Gracz Biochemistry Agriculture & Life Sciences


Nuclear Magnetic resonance solution for Chemist, Biochemist and Polymer Scientist (Proposal)