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Welcome to LITRE
LITRE Assessment Overview

LITRE is an empirical research project and its ultimate purpose is to improve student learning through a collection of projects in which faculty investigate which aspects of technology are most effective in improving student learning. In order to research the effect of technology on student learning, systematic assessment of the impact of technology on student learning is crucial, and LITRE strives to make this assessment the core of its activities.

Assessment involves clearly identifying what one is trying to accomplish, determining how to tell whether and how well one is accomplishing it, gathering and analyzing the relevant data, and using it to plan next steps. Assessing the outcomes of a project helps learn from experience, make appropriate changes, and decide whether and how to continue a particular set of activities.

Through these assessment activities, LITRE hopes to contribute effectively to the emerging academic literature and conversation about relationships among technology, pedagogy, and student learning.

The LITRE Assessment Committee, comprising of faculty and staff, helps design assessment for the LITRE projects. Additionally, to bring more resources to the assessment effort, a full-time LITRE Assessment Coordinator was hired beginning September 2006. Geetanjali Soni, Coordinator of LITRE Assessment, will oversee and coordinate assessment for the LITRE projects and grants to help improve the quality of assessment of current and future projects.

The LITRE Assessment Committee

Members: Geetanjali Soni (Chair), Hannah Gracz, Percy Hooper, Jacqueline Hughes-Oliver, Susan Katz, Stan North Martin, Brad Mehlenbacher, Donna Petherbridge, Dianne Raubenheimer, Joni Spurlin, Traci Temple, Nancy Whelchel, Carrie Zelna.

- Advise the LITRE Assessment Coordinator about assessment issues related to LITRE activities and plans.
- Advise and assist faculty with assessment of teaching and learning with technology initiatives as needed for LITRE projects.
- Advise the LITRE Executive Council about assessment issues related to LITRE activities and plans.
- Advise subcommittees or task forces that the LITRE Executive Council may choose to develop as LITRE proceeds.
- Develop annual assessment reports on LITRE projects and findings as well as help develop an annual overview of teaching and learning with technology assessment results across campus, identifying success, challenges, and issues to inform planning and policy decisions for the university.

LITRE Student Learning Task Force

Members: Geetanjali Soni (Chair), Diane Chapman, Alan Dupont, Scott Fitzpatrick, Donna Petherbridge, Dianne Raubenheimer, Joni Spurlin, Carrie Thomas, Candace Goode Vick.

This task force will develop a definition of student learning and create a "tool kit" to measure it from a student perspective - all this with a focus around the four student learning areas of problem solving, empirical inquiry, research from sources and performance, mentioned in the LITRE plan.

LITRE Assessment Activities

LITRE First Phase
Assessment of each faculty grant was developed as part of each project. Reports, including assessment results, are available for grants funded for 2004-2005 and for grants funded 2005-2007. Assessment surveys and reports of the First Wave Project CLASSTECH are available, as is additional information about assessment process of Classtech.

Technology Use Surveys

Technology Assessment Resources A growing collection of resources related to assessing the impact of technology on student learning.