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Examples of LITRE Related Campus Activities

Activities all over campus are leading to better ways of using technology for student learning. The list of activities and projects shown here is illustrative but barely scratches the surface. These projects are not funded by LITRE, but reflect a similar purpose of improving learning with technology.

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Student Owned Computing: College of Engineering
The goal of the Mobile Computing Pilot Program (commonly referred to as the Laptop Initiative) is to determine how the use of laptop computers and wireless connectivity can enhance the undergraduate academic experience in engineering.
Assessment of effect on Student Learning.

Scale Up: Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP) project is designed to be highly collaborative, hands-on, computer-rich, interactive learning environment for large enrollment courses. Rigorous evaluation has been conducted.

Mobile Computing Initiative (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Through its existing technology initiatives and through mobile computing projects, CALS: 1) ensures that new students are prepared to meet technology-use expectations; 2) integrates appropriate technology-enhanced learning with the core academic activities of the university; and 3) ensures that graduates leave the university with appropriate technological proficiency.

The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
The Friday Institute, part of NC State University's College of Education, is dedicated to transforming education both through innovation in teaching, learning and leadership and through public-private partnerships that integrate research, technology and cross-sector collaboration.

The Gertrude Cox Award
The Gertrude Cox Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology has been created to honor the creative pedagogy of NC State's faculty and technical staff and their work in integrating new technologies into effective teaching strategies.

Vista Learning Management System project