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LITRE: Learning In A Technologically-Rich Environment Banner NC State University
Welcome to LITRE

Learning and Teaching with Technology: RESOURCES at NC State University

To have your NCSU campus effort added to this list, contact .

Help Desk
NC State's Help Desk can be contacted for help with a variety of campus-wide services, such as Webmail, Sysnews and public computing labs, as well as for specific computing questions.

Accessibility Services
A wealth of information on Accessibility laws, tools and Services at NC State.

Computing Essentials
ITD provides a variety of information on all aspects of computing at NC State. Information on Unity accounts, antivirus and security, managing files and Web pages etc.

Distance Learning Services for Students:
All library services at NC State University are available to the distance education community.

The Digital Media Lab
The Digital Media Lab provides assistance for the NC State community in creating and converting all types of media to digital formats.

Flyspace is a conceptual design for simple collaborative meeting spaces. It is an attempt build the antithesis of high-end, expensive conference rooms. Instead, we want to build a lot of little, customizable spaces that are available to students with little stipulations as to how they should be used.

Geospatial (GIS) and Numeric Data Services

Instructional and Teaching Services for Faculty
Librarians work with NCSU instructors to provide customized library instruction for courses.

Instructional Design Interest Group
The purpose of this interest group is to bring together both faculty and staff on campus who are interested in learning more about and/or sharing expertise regarding all aspects of the instructional design process.

Idea Grants
DELTA’s Innovation in Distributed Education Applications (IDEA) grants are provided to promote innovation in the use of instructional technology in online teaching and learning, build expertise in this area, and enhance the technology-rich learning environment at NCSU.

An online tool that provide just-in-time instruction for writing lab reports.It guides students through the entire lab experience. A study documenting that students who used LabWrite were more effective in learning science can be found at LabWrite works.

Learning Technology Instructional House Calls
DELTA Instructional Services provides instructional house calls to NCSU Faculty. A staff member will come to your office or work area to help you train on your own equipment; or, we welcome you to come to our offices.

Learning Technology Workshops & Seminars
Workshops and seminars offered around campus.

Learning Management Systems at NCSU
Provides information on LMS services and LMS support.

Learning Technology & Pedagogy
Resources for learning about effective online pedagogy compiled by DELTA.

Software @NC State
This site provides up-to-date information for the entire campus community about software licensing and acquisition.

Usability Research Lab
Helps interested NCSU faculty, students, and staff learn the benefits of a user-centered approach to design and to support usability testing. The lab is equipped to collect video, audio, and computer data in real time for observation and analysis. We are also available to consult with you about other usability methods.

Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)
The Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) is a remote access service that allows you to reserve a computer with a desired set of applications for yourself, and remotely access it over the Internet. You can use all your favorite applications such as Matlab, Maple, SAS, Solidworks, and many others. Linux, Solaris and numerous Windows environments are now available to all NC State students and faculty.

A blogging service available to current students, faculty, and staff at North Carolina State University. WolfBlogs is a service provided by the NCSU Libraries. All you need to get started is your NC State Unity ID and password

Podcasting technology to give both content creators and their audience a simple way to distribute multimedia content. We encourage you to try out the sample channels.

Listining and Creating Podcasts (From College of Education)

A wiki service that is available to current students, faculty, and staff at North Carolina State University. A wiki is a website that simplifies the process of creating web pages and allows documents to be developed and edited in a collaborative mode.