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Welcome to LITRE

LITRE Organization

LITRE Executive Council

The Executive Council has been appointed by the provost to provide leadership to LITRE. It consists of:

Donna Petherbridge, Associate Vice Provost for Instructional Support Services, DELTA
Karen Helm, Director of University Planning & Analysis
Hugh Devine, Professor in Parks Recreation and Tourism Management
Betsy Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Stan North Martin, Director, Outreach, Communications & Consulting, OIT

LITRE Assessment Coordinator

Geetanjali Soni, University Planning & Analysis

LITRE Advisory Board

The LITRE Advisory Board provides advice and guidance to the LITRE Executive Council. Members also serve as a campus forum for issues related to student learning and technology and as a liaison to their college or unit for LITRE-related matters. The Board is chaired by Hugh Devine.

Members: Hugh Devine (Chair), Carolyn Argentati (Libraries), Barbi Honeycutt (FCTL), Arnold Bell (UAP), Bronson Bullock (Natural Resources), James Flowers (Vet. Med.), Jan Genzer (COE), John Havlin (CALS), Karen Helm (UPA), Jeff Joines (Textiles), Duane Larick (Grad. School), Tom Miller (DELTA), Richard Mowat (PAMS), John Nietfeld (Education), Fay Payton (Management), Henry Schaffer (ITD), Geetanjali Soni (LITRE/UPA), Sarah Stein (CHASS), John Tector (Design).

LITRE Assessment Committee

Since assessment is a key part of every LITRE project, the LITRE Assessment Committee works alongside the Advisory Board and provides assistance with project assessment. Geetanjali Soni, LITRE Assessment Coordinator chairs the LITRE Assessment Committee.

Members: Geetanjali Soni (Chair), Hanna Gracz, Percy Hooper, Susan Katz, Stan North Martin, Brad Mehlenbacher, Donna Petherbridge, Dianne Raubenheimer, Joni Spurlin, Nancy Whelchel, Carrie Zelna.

LITRE Student Learning Task Force

This task force will develop a definition of student learning and create a "tool kit" to measure it from a student perspective - all this with a focus around the four student learning areas of problem solving, empirical inquiry, research from sources and performance - mentioned in the LITRE plan.

Members: Geetanjali Soni (Chair), Diane Chapman, Alan Dupont, Scott Fitzpatrick, Donna Petherbridge, Dianne Raubenheimer, Joni Spurlin, Carrie Thomas, Candace Goode Vick.