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LITRE: Learning In A Technologically-Rich Environment Expo 2009 Banner NC State University

Welcome to the LITRE EXPO 2009 Online

A Spotlight on Learning In Technology-Rich Environments at NC State University.

In January 2009, LITRE held a three day Campus Expo to highlight and share findings from LITRE projects and other learning environments. Along with four formal presentations and a student panel discussion, several faculty poster exhibit booths showcased exemplary examples of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.
In order to continue to disseminate information about these projects we have set-up this online expo, where viewers can access the presentations and exhibit materials.


More Pictures

Expo PictureLITRe Banner Expo Picture

Exhibits and Demonstrations: Outstanding educational technology faculty projects at NC State University. Visit the Exhibits

Presentations: Attend the Presentations
"Emerging Interactive Media and Neo millennial Learning Styles: Implications for Higher Education." Dr. Chris Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard.

Computer Based Modeling for Engineering: Jeff Joines, Steve Roberts, Dianne Raubenheimer and Amy Craig.

Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (VOLT): Len Annetta, Julia Storberg-Walker, Diane Chapman, Lynda Aiman-Smith, Claudia Kimbrough.

Thoroughly Modern MILLIE (Methods of Incorporating the Latest Learning Innovations in Education): Dr. Robert Beichner.

Student Panel Discussion: “Student LITREship: NC State students discuss the future of learning in the age of ubiquitous technologies"
Moderators Dr. Sarah Stein, Co-moderator Dr. Chris Dede. Attend the Panel Discussion.

Many thanks to the faculty and staff members involved and the ever helpful folks at DELTA and NCSU Libraries for making the LITRE Expo, Virtual and On Site, possible.