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Welcome to LITRE

In January 2009, LITRE held a three day Campus Expo to highlight and share findings from LITRE projects and other learning environments. Along with four formal presentations and a student panel discussion, several faculty poster exhibit booths showcased exemplary examples of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.
In order to continue to disseminate information about these projects we have set-up this online expo, where viewers can access the presentations and exhibit materials.


"Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment" (LITRE) is an empirical research program aimed at enhancing the extensive learning with technology opportunities available at North Carolina State University. It is the quality enhancement plan portion of NC State's reaccreditation portfolio for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Consistent with the University's mission "to create an innovative learning environment" the LITRE plan brings a faculty-based, reflective perspective to the University's strategic planning and policymaking related to student learning and learning technology.

LITRE's ultimate purpose is to improve student learning. LITRE's primary strategy is to establish an ongoing, systematic investigation into the effectiveness of technology-based innovations to improve learning. We will use the results of these investigations to build on our successes, shape future investigations, and inform campus decision-making.

The first phase of LITRE was launched in 2004 with three large first-wave projects and a faculty small-grants program. In fall 2006 LITRE moved into its second phase. During this second phase, initial focus was on: 1) assembling and implementing a faculty directory of technology practices for the whole campus, and 2) choosing and assessing a few large projects that allow for informative results about student learning. In summer 2007, LITRE awarded grants to three large-scale projects (Second Phase Projects) and currently LITRE activities are focused on implementation and assessment of these projects. See LITRE Annual Reports for project findings.



Student Learning Tool KIt

A growing collection of assessment and evaluation tools and methods with annotation and background provided, to allow the reader to make informed choices to meet their assessment needs. The tools and methods focus specifically around student learning and the areas of problem solving/critical thinking, research from sources, empirical inquiry and performance.

LITRE Technology Practices Directory

The LITRE Technology Practices Directory , a fully searchable, online database that lists innovative technology-enhanced teaching practices by faculty at NC state University is now available to the NC State community. Click on the link above to learn more about the directory.

LITRE Partners

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